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Early Life

JT Franco aspired to live life on his terms from a very young age. He couldn’t imagine spending his entire life having to work 9-5 and take instructions from someone else. Everyone around him labeled him a rebel for thinking differently and for wanting the escape the system. 


At 17, he dropped out of high school and took complete control of his life. His entire family thought his decision was a mistake and that he would be a failure. Determined to prove them wrong, He was on a mission to create a life that allowed him to live on his terms. 


JT Franco had a knack for entrepreneurship. Soon after he dropped out, he started a catering company. The business expanded rapidly and made a decent profit within a year, but that came at the cost of working 16 hours a day to keep the company up and running. The long hours spent started taking a toll on him. 


JT had bigger dreams for his life. He wanted to travel the world and live his life to the fullest, but this current job didn’t give him any freedom to do so. The long hours pushed him to the verge of giving up entrepreneurship and getting a 9-5, but before giving in to become a minimum wage employee, JT gave entrepreneurship one more try. He wanted a better business model that is less time-consuming and more enjoyable, so he turned to online business.

He came across Amazon FBA and was ready to dive deep into it. Over the next month, he taught himself through research, countless YouTube videos, podcasts, and paid training programs. Within weeks, he launched his first three products but unfortunately, all of them failed. Even in those difficult times, he did not give up. He decided to give it one more shot, and the fourth product set him free.


JT developed a tried and tested formula to win at Amazon FBA through his creativity and countless hours of strategizing. 

He now earns profit in seven figures, allowing him to live life the way he has always dreamt. JT’s family was astounded to see his rapid growth, and they are proud of his achievements.


Empire Academy is JT Franco’s brainchild. With Amazon FBA, he helps people achieve their dream of having an online business. He has liberated thousands of people from their 9-5 grind and supported them to run their businesses successfully.

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