How Pritesh Patel successfully launched his first product by following a simple proven system.


Before Amazon FBA, Pritesh worked 9-5 in a retail shop. He always wanted to open his own shop but quickly realized the shift in markets towards online. He saw an opportunity there and that’s when he decided to look into Amazon FBA.

So, Why Empire Academy?:

1. Empire Academy EXCEEDS expectations.

2. Comprehensive course and proven system teaches how to launch first product successfully and avoid the same mistakes that have been done before.

3. Transparent to answering questions, Empire Academy tells you how it REALLY is.

4. Explained flaws in products and markets

5. Had many questions and problems, they were there 24/7 to help and with great response time.

6. Non-stop mentoring, even after the course!

#1 piece of advice for members:

Pursue the path and value of your mentors, even after the course! Best decision ever made before going on by yourself.