How Nancy Navene maps success: Mentorship, guidance & information, from people that did it.


Nancy Navene was in the process of launching her first product but was concerned about all the hype and possibly being scammed or falling into the hands of somebody who only cared about themselves and their earnings.

On top of that, there was a lot of contradicting information and it makes it feel like you don’t know what to do. Although skeptical, Nancy pursues Amazon FBA and joins Empire Academy.

So, Why Empire Academy?:

1. Immediately noticed a difference and that they are genuine, down to earth, sincere and REAL.

2. Truly care about and work hard to take care of their students.

3. ALL there, ready to go, at your finger tips: information, resources, tips, guidance and support. Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to help build your empire!

4. It would take FOREVER to learn on your own so this is a very important piece to the puzzle most people are missing.

#1 piece of advice for members:

Determination, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit is important and has to come within, but it is important to also have guidance, mentorship, and information from people that already done it before and are successful.